I generally recommend not converting more than 3 hours of footage per DVD as the video quality may be affected 

Media can handed delivered to me at my recording studio or place of work – details will be confirmed upon acceptance of the quote. Courier can be arranged at the shippers cost.  Once the job is complete and invoice settled you can either collect or use courier .

Since each conversion job and media requirements are all different it really  depends how much time is required to convert  to digital – all the details will be stipulated on a bespoke quote. 

It really depends on you and how you intend watching your media. DVD’s aren’t going anywhere but one does require a DVD player. Memory sticks are more portable and the file can be copied or duplicated as many times as you like. It is also possible to playback on any SMART TV or laptop or PC.

We offer a turnaround-time of 7 days. Should you require your conversion to be completed before the 7-day turnaround period, please let us know.

Unfortunately not – I can only replicate what was originally recorded – so the conversion is as good as the source – but even if a tape is physically broken, damaged or unplayable I will still be able to rescue the media and ensure we get our picture and sound one way or another!


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